Single 8′ Bamboo Pole – Large Poles – 2,3,4,5,6 Inch Diameter, Custom Custs/Split Into Half Rounds

8′ bamboo poles can be custom cut into 4 pieces, or you can select NO CUTS for a 8′ long pole. You can also have the pole split. (You will be sent (2) half poles when you choose this /option)/) These large diameter bamboo poles are tan(ish) in color and are a very strong “construction” type pole. Bamboo Poles have hundreds of decorative and structural uses. Bamboo Poles have a tensile strength greater than steel which makes them Ideal for use in building structures. The rings around the bamboo poles are called “nodes” and can be spaced anywhere from 6″ to 12″ apart. You can break through the nodes if you wish to run wire or other things to create lighting or other household items. These large diameter poles will taper slightly and are not a consistent diameter from top to bottom. They will likely have a few scratches and the color varies from pole to pole. Moso bamboo will likely develop hairline or larger cracks over time as they dry and with changes in the climate. This is a natural characteristic of bamboo poles. We cannot guarantee against cracking, but most would say this adds a unique rustic “style” to the structure…we agree. Sold by the piece each pole is 8′ long for FedEx Ground or UPS shipping. Each 8-foot Pole can be cut up to 4 times for $1.50 a cut. We can split the Moso Poles into half rounds for $5.00 a split. Choose from drop down menus under photo to select cuts. Bamboo Poles are also sold in PACK QUANTITIES. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SPECIFY CUT SIZES AT CHECKOUT! IF NO SIZE IS MENTIONED, CUTS WILL BE DIVIDED EVENLY DEPENDING ON THE NUMBER OF CUTS SELECTED.


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