Cabana Fine Weaving Matting Roll (Commercial Grade) – 4’x8′ Sheets

Beautiful and Eco-friendly, Cabana fine weave matting is hand woven into 1/2″ squares from strong, durable and flexible organic Pandanus leaves which allows it to bend without snapping.There is a natural variation of colors within each mat from golden to brown hues that will add a unique, classy and rustic look to any space. The artistry of the braiding or “plaits” and the durability of the material brings tropical beauty indoors and is rugged enough to enliven outside bars and pavilions without concern for weather. Cabana matting can also be used to underlay a solid roofed Palapa, as ceiling or wall covering, to accent Tiki bars or even line tables for a party. The edges are double bound for additional strength.

Cabana matting is used for residential and commercial application for wall covering and wainscoting. All our matting is flexible and pliable NOTE: We recommend taping the back of the matting first then cutting it with a pair of scissors.

Application is easy; the matting can either be glued or stapled to any surface. Overall, cabana matting adds an Tropical Island flair that can only enhance any motif whether it be used indoors or out. (Note: if using outdoors a water sealer is recommended)

Please note: Pandanas leaf is a natural material that is grown, not made of plastic in a factory. Each Cabana matting roll is hand made from natural plant fibers. This means that mats will vary slightly in color, weave size, and character. Visit our photo gallery page to see some great decorating ideas using matting.

Sold in 4′ x 8′ Rolls. (Approximate) Choose from a single roll, set of 2 rolls or set of 3 rolls (Best Deal)



4' x 50' roll, Set of 2 Rolls, Set of 3 Rolls (best deal), Single Roll


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