Bamboo Garden Border Edging “Even Style” Sold in 6 Foot Sections Black or Natural Bamboo

Add a tropical feel and beautify your backyard with this beautiful black or natural bamboo garden border edging! Bamboo edging is for landscaping applications and can be used to edge around landscape beds, concrete walks or stone paths. The naturally dark bamboo pole border edging will vary from light brown to a dark chocolate color. This poles are held together by galvanized wire that runs through the center of the bamboo poles. (See last photo) Bamboo border edging is flexible and easy to cut to size. To place above use 1/4″ rebar or 1/2″ dowels pounded into ground and then the edging placed over top of it. If you wish to use a sealer on the bamboo the life will be extended about 2 years. Sold in 6′ long rolls and measures about 12″ high. The diameter of the bamboo varies from 3/4″ to 1″ Remember: Cracks and rough spots in bamboo poles, slats, fencing and edging are natural characteristics of bamboo. It is believed by many to add a unique rustic trait….we agree. Pole sizes and color will vary from photo.

If you wish to purchase 12 sections or more, contact us for discount pricing and availability.



Black Bamboo, Natural Bamboo


3 Rolls (best deal), Set of 2 Rolls, Single Roll


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