Bamboo Wood Kitchen/Bath Cabinet Knobs/Pulls – Set of 2

Check out these unique Cabinet Knob/Drawer Pulls!

Add the finishing touch to your Tropical Decor Kitchen or Bath with these cute Bamboo Drawer Pull knobs! Crafted from REAL bamboo root, these knobs are sure to get a comment from your family and friends. These are recommended for cabinet and cupboard doors and light drawers. For drawers with heavy contents such as pots and pans, the heavy duty pulls are recommended.

These cute little knobs are about 2″ long and approximately 3/4″ diameter (this will vary) Each Knob come with one #6 1-1/4 mounting screw.
Sold in sets of 2.

NOTE: We try to match each handle as close as possible but each handle is hand crafted from all natural bamboo wood so color, diameter and style will vary from knob to knob. Bamboo Knobs are meant for lightweight to medium drawers and cabinets.

(Not intended on use for heavy duty applications such as heavy drawers or large doors.)

Check out the Kitchen Accessories section for more bamboo handles drawer pulls!



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