Bamboo Veneer 1′ x 8′ Panels – (10 Pack) Choice of 4 Styles

Beautiful Bamboo Veneer Panels are another alternative to wall and ceiling coverings, wainscoting or to cover unsightly areas. Veneer has a thin paper backing to aid in the gluing process. The same concept that applies to bamboo flooring applies to the bamboo veneer.

The Horizontal style veneer is created by shaving bamboo pieces in a “Horizontal” fashion and putting them together therefore, the nodes do not show in the Horizontal style. The Vertical style veneer is created by using thin pieces of the bamboo that are cut “Vertically” which do show the “nodes” which is inherent to Bamboo. Both designs are equally sturdy….just a matter of visual preference.

Bamboo Veneer comes in sheets 12″ wide x 8′ high x .015″ (1/64″) thickness approx. Sold in Packs of 10. (For orders of 8 packs or more, please contact us for special pricing.) Please allow 5 to 7 days handling time.

Note: Small cracks may appear in the veneer which is normal and will not affect overall quality.

Eco-Friendly and Economical!


Color and Style

Horizontal Natural, Horizontal Smoke, Vertical Natural, Vertical Smoke


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