Bamboo Poles- BULK PRICING-1.5″ to 2″ Diameter Tonkin Bamboo

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Bamboo poles are a great building material because they are very strong and very eco-friendly. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource because it is the fastest growing plant on earth! Your role as a buyer and user of bamboo reduces the excessive consumption of long-growth timber, plays a part in forest and environment protection, and provides economic support for rural economies which leads to reducing poverty. You can make custom fences, doors, furniture, tiki bars, and tropical handicrafts with these versatile bamboo poles. Bamboo has natural shades of beiges, tans, and yellows that help to create a calming environment in your living space. Display bamboo with outdoor furniture and tropical décor to achieve an authentic island styled backyard. These Tonkin bamboo poles have various shades of warm yellow, beige, and smooth tropical tan colors.

**Things to consider when purchasing bamboo poles:
1) Bamboo poles, 1/2 rounds and slats are almost always NOT straight.
2) CRACKS, blemishes and rough spots WILL appear on some pieces this is a natural characteristic of bamboo and will not affect pole quality.
3) The color will vary from photo and the last lot you purchased.
4) Poles, slats 1/2 rounds and sticks will always be bigger/thicker at one end.
5) Water sealing is recommended before use.
6) All sales on Bamboo Poles are FINAL but contact us if you have a problem with your order.


Pole Quantity

Pack of 100, Pack of 200, Pack of 300, Pack of 50


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