Bamboo Paneling/Wall Covering – Dark Chocolate 4′ x 8′

Bamboo paneling is constructed of bamboo strips that are precisely milled and applied to a thin fabric backing with non-toxic white glue. Paneling is made a flexible material that can be applied to concave or convex surfaces, flat walls and ceilings, round or square columns. It installs easily using nails, glue or staples. Bamboo panels, lend an exciting look to commercial, retail, and hospitality environments. Bamboo Paneling is a cost effective way to add nature and beauty to any decor. Bamboo paneling can be used to wrap around posts, to cover walls, ceilings, bars, kitchen island fronts, wainscoting, etc. In addition to being easy to install and cost effective, our bamboo covering is flexible, making it the ideal wall covering material. It is also very hard and durable and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Bamboo paneling comes 4’ tall X 8’ wide and 1/8” thick. The individual strips are 11/16” wide and can be cut to any length. Dark Chocolate Finish. Visit our photo gallery to see some designs using our bamboo paneling. Decorate with Bamboo and Save $$$



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