Bamboo Classic Spout and Pump Kit (2 Sizes)

Product #: 10100 Series

(Please contact us first for availability) The classic with wood is a traditional Japanese-style variation on our regular classic water spout. The combination of bamboo, wood and water is said to bring good luck. The Mahogany wood block is burned over coals to give it an antique appearance. As the wood ages, the effect gets more beautiful over time.

Based on a classic Japanese-inspired design, this low-lying fountain rests on the side of any bowl. It sits just above the water, creating a smooth full sound with no splatter. Crafted using solid bamboo and rattan, the bamboo’s color is enhanced by applying fire to caramelize the surface. A superior anti-mold finish is then applied to protect the appearance.

Available in two sizes to accommodate both indoor and outdoor fountains. Electric Pump and set up instructions included.

12” classic spout & pump kit

18” classic spout & pump kit



12" Spout, 18" Spout


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