Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain – Tropical Cliffs on Blue Mountain Background

Product #: 5287 Back from the 70’s these 90 Strand Hand Painted Bamboo Door Curtains are a great way to add character and an Island Tropical feel to your home, office, covered patio or any space where you wish to add a “colorful flare.” They come in a variety of styles and colors, one that is sure to fit your decor. Bamboo Door Curtains have many uses such as: hanging in a doorway and hallway to separate spaces, hang over a closet or laundry area to hide clutter, they can also be hung on the wall as art, or you can add 2 or more together and make a whimsical room divider or filter the sun on a covered patio. Bamboo Beaded door curtains are made with thin pieces of bamboo strung together on a thin wire. The strands are then attached to a wooden header bar that has eye hooks for hanging. This door curtain has a tranquil tropical cliff scene on a background of blue mountains and is patterned on both sides. Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain measures approximately 36″ W x 78″ L.



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