Bamboo Beaded Door Curtain – Plain Natural 125 Strand

#5229B-Bamboo Door Curtains are a great way to add an Island Tropical feel to your home! These Curtains can be used to hang in doorways, hallways, as a room divider or they can hang on the wall as art! Although they do not offer total privacy, beaded door curtains are great for hiding cluttered areas and separating spaces. They add a whimsical beauty to any space. Door Curtains are crafted with long thin hollow bamboo pieces. They about 2″ long and are strung together with a thin wire. This bamboo beaded door curtain is created with 125 strands of bamboo beads. The strings of beads are then attached to a wooden header bar that has 2 eyelet screws for hanging. This curtain has 125 strands. Since these curtains have more strands they tend to provide a bit more privacy than the 90 strand. The plain natural color can be used for any style decor. (Color might vary from photo) Measures approximately 36″ wide x 78″ long.



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