Bac Bac Multi Colored Tropical Matting 4′ x 8′ Rolls

Bac Bac multicolored matting is harvested from banana tree bark. These 4ft x 8ft sheets have a rich contrast of dark and light brown colors, and hand woven to form a 1″ diamond checkered pattern. All our matting is flexible and pliable and can be cut or trimmed to custom size. (Note: it is recommended that you tape the back when cutting to avoid unraveling) Application is easy; the bac bac mating can be, either glued or stapled to any surface. The product can be used for both interior and exterior projects and treated with clear polyurethane or varnish for added sheen and durability. Choose from a single roll, a set of 2 rolls or set of 3 rolls (best deal)

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Set of 3 Rolls, Setof 2 Rolls, Single Roll


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