Bac Bac Braid – 70 Foot Strip Roll

Bac bac braid measures 70 feet in length and 3/4 inch in width. Bac Bac braids are hand-woven with eco-friendly banana bark materials. This braid can be used Use Bac Bac braids as a trim or to tie bamboo poles together to add an additional tropical feel.

The natural banana bark fibers are flexible and can be shaped to fit any structure in an elegant manner. Outline furniture, tiki bars, palapas, tables, and more with this Bac Bac braid. The mix of dark and honey browns will compliment any décor scheme beautifully. For more compact areas, cut Bac Bac braids with a sharp scissor or blade to achieve accurate measurement.

Bac Bac braid is constructed from organic banana bark strips that vary in color, texture, and character. For this reason it is recommended that your order all that is needed for one project



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