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Welcome to! Did you know that bamboo is considered the “Eco-Exotic” wood of the future? It’s durability, flexibility, and natural beauty adds a tranquil vibe to any home decor style.

If you’re searching for products that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly with a tropical “Flair” …you’ve come to the right place!

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Did you know that Bamboo is the fastest

growing woody plant in the world?

In some parts of the world Bamboo has been measured to grow up to 3 feet in a 24 hour period! It takes DECADES to produce the amount of Oak that can be produced in only THREE years with Bamboo. Although Bamboo is an amazingly lightweight material, it’s tensile strength is greater than mild steel.

Our bamboo furniture is sturdy, beautiful and eco-friendly and our bamboo garden supplies, black bamboo fencing and building materials are economical and super tough!  Our natural and beautiful BLACK bamboo poles come in a variety of sizes and can be used for everything from interior design elements to sturdy building structures. Our bamboo wall covering/paneling is great for wainscoting or covering unsightly walls or large furniture. So, if you want a unique look, a durable, long lasting and Eco-friendly product then look no further…DecoratewithBamboo.Com has all your Bamboo decorating needs!

We currently have available products that are 100% Bamboo and some that are a Bamboo mix along with other eco-friendly materials and fibers such as Mexican tiki palm thatch and tropical matting such as bac bac matting, lauhala matting and bamboo weave matting.  We have bamboo home decor items such as bamboo mats and rugs, bamboo screens and room dividers, bamboo window blinds/shades, bamboo lamps and lighting, bamboo cabinet hardware and bamboo wall covering. We also have hand crafted bamboo items such as bamboo beaded door curtains, jewelry and handbags, bamboo wind chimes and unique vases. We also have Tropical Theme decor items such as bamboo tiki signs and wall art and palm thatching rolls. We now offer bamboo bedding and bath supplies, bamboo fencing, bamboo poles and garden supplies. 

Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re glad to help!

Bamboo is the Eco-Exotic Wood of the Future.

Bamboo holds the key to a truly green and sustainable future for us all.

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What’s so great about our bamboo products?

Almost all of them are hand crafted and not mass produced, so each piece is as Unique as you and your home. We currently have over 500 bamboo and other natural fiber home decor items and accessories to choose from! Click here to browse our shop.

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Learn it. Love it. Live it. 

Decorate your Home with Tranquil and Exotic elements that are good for you and the environment. We want you to become a Bamboo Lover like us and that’s why we offer the best products at the lowest prices possible.

Shipping is free  on most products so Contact Us if you wish to purchase items in qty. Decorate with bamboo and save money while saving the planet!

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These naturally dark bamboo poles are great for many decorative and building uses such as curtain rods, clothes lines, decorative accents for walls, ceilings, staking up plants and flowers, fencing or dividers and much more!

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Bamboo Paneling is a cost effective way to add nature and beauty to any decor. Bamboo paneling can be used to wrap around posts, to cover walls, ceilings, bars, kitchen island fronts, wainscoting, etc. 


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Our unique selection of tropical matting rolls include Bamboo Weave Matting, Lauhala Matting, Bac Bac Matting, Green Tonga Matting, Lampbac Matting, Sennit Rope Matting, and more. 

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Beautify your backyard with this lovely “EVEN STYLE” bamboo garden border! Bamboo edging is for landscaping applications and can be used to edge around landscape beds, concrete walks, or stone paths. Bamboo border is flexible and easy to cut to size. 

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Thatch is great for Palapas, Tropical Restaurant Decor, Tiki Bars, huts and Cabanas. It can also be used to cover awnings, for tropical table skirting or to decorate for Luaus parties. 

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Bamboo Home Decor and Gift Ideas such as Bamboo Rugs, Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Accessories, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Photo Frames, Tiki Signs and Wall Art and MUCH MORE!

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Unique and Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cabinet Hardware/Drawer Pulls. Choose from a variety of styles and Applications. All suitable for commercial or residential applications. Great accessory to your Tropical Kitchen, Bath, or Tiki-Bar!

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Create a private sanctuary with this beautiful bamboo fencing! With a variety of lengths and heights to choose from, you can create the perfect space personalized just for you. 

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Beautiful and Eco-Friendly bamboo furniture for every room in your home and for your garden. Tough bamboo material is made to last. 

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